The Master’s Bass Club - a fishing club recognizing that Jesus Christ is our focus whether we are at our jobs, at home or fishing on a lake.  We invite any and all who enjoy the fellowship of other Believers to join with us.  Bring a friend!  

Frequently asked questions about The Master’s Bass Club.

 1.  When are the meetings?
Meeting are generally the first Thursday of every month at Hunter Street Baptist Church 
Enter the ROC entrance and go thru the doors to the left and then down the hallway to 
the left.  From there just listen for the sound of Fish Tales! 

2. When can I fish?

By being present at our meetings, you are eligible to fish our next club tournament. If enough boaters are       planning to fish at the next tournament you will be assigned a club member in good standing to fish with           as your partner.

      3. How much does it cost to fish?

             As a guest of the club, the entry fee to fish is only $20.00 (you have the option to pay 

             an additional $10 for big fish). Your participation qualifies you for any prizes you 

             and your partner may win. In the event that you would eventually join TMBC, a portion of the

             money you paid as a guest will be credited against the same year’s dues.

       4. I don’t have a boat, can I still fish?

              Yes, we welcome boaters and non-boaters. As a non-boater, you will be paired with a  

               boater. All non-boaters (including members) agree to pay $25.00(minimum) to the boater

               for gasoline, expenses and launch fees.

       5. I want to join, what is the process?

               You will need to fish two times with two different club members, this includes but          

               not limited to our tournaments. After fishing with two members, you can be 

               nominated for membership and voted on as a member at the regular club meeting.

         6. What does it cost to be a member in good standing?

               Membership in TMBC is a value.  Currently the  club dues are $200.00 per year, this 
               covers all of your club tournament entry fees for the year, except the big fish pot. 

               You can fish two or three times as a guest however we encourage guests to join after three times.
                The schedule is divide in two. Guest fees are credited to dues and for the half they fished paying                $100 for the half or $200 for the year less guest fees..

               Those who join before the end of June will have the total amount of their guest fees credited                                 
               credited towards membership fees.

          7. What are the prizes for the tournament?

                The biggest prize is the fellowship and the education you get from fishing with 

                different people on different waters. However, we do pay out a cash prizes.

                Big fish pays no less than $20.00 but no more than 50% of the big fish pot 

                whichever is more.

            8.  I would like for my son or my daughter to fish with me, is this OK?

                  Family participation is encouraged but anyone under 18 yeas of age must  
                  fish with a parent or legal guardian in a club sponsored event.


              9. How do I make it to the “Classic”?

                   By finishing in the top 8 in the points at the end of the regular season or 

                    participating in a minimum of 8 tournaments will qualify you to fish in the

                    year-end “Classic”.

 These are few of the frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask any
questions you may have. All of our members will be happy to assist you in any way.
We look forward to having you come and fish with us.